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Charging Bull or Electricity Bill, take it by the Horns!

‘Moment of Truth’ is a bullfighting term, a translation of the Spanish “el momento de la verdad”. To end a bullfight, the matador takes his sword and gets the bull to charge straight at him, so that he can lean over the bull’s horns and kill him by stabbing just behind the back of the head. It’s gruesome, but now the phrase is used where someone is put to an important test.

This is a story from David who recently used our service to permanently tame the charging electricity bill.

The Electricity Bill is Charging. LOOK OUT

My electricity bill seemed as threatening as a charging bull since I moved house a year ago, and I’m no bullfighter. The burden it was creating on my monthly budget was a real struggle. This is my story about how I saved $862 and permanently tamed the charging electricity bill….

Initially I searched the net, hoping to find an alternative supplier who would give me a cheaper electricity bill.

Take your Electricity Bill by the Horns

I was truly baffled by the number of providers available and at the same time realised it was not an easy task for me to compare. They had indicated different ways of calculating the consumption; peak, off peak, shoulder, control load, demand pricing, supply charge, etc., and had offered different types and percentages of discounts. When I was about to give up, my attention was drawn to energy comparison services, which asked me to compare where I was, against the cheapest available. Some of the names on the list were familiar and without any further ado, I contacted one of the first few on the list, went through the formalities and changed the provider. I was assured of getting the cheapest electricity, the best discount rates and an annual saving of $337.

The subsequent electricity bills I received showed me I was paying less than I used to pay prior to the shift and I was happy with my decision. A few months lapsed and I received an email from a company named ‘Energy Umpire’ which claimed they can help me find the cheapest energy and keep me paying the lowest rate all the time. That went on to explain most of the services compare the rates with only a third of the available retailers and they also get paid by the retailers!

I did not take the contents seriously, as there were many such offers landing in my inbox.

Moment of Truth

Though I said I did not take it seriously, I believe the statements in the email kept my mind thinking over them. I was really puzzled. Was the service I chose fooling me? Could there be better deals out there in the market? Could I change the supplier once again?

This was a moment of truth. I had to make a decision. I followed the link to the website of Energy Umpire and uploaded my current gas and electricity bills.

I got my savings report few hours later and a representative called me to help me understand that. What followed is history and today, I can confidently say I am paying the cheapest electricity and gas rates in town and I saved a further $525!