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Solar Energy Customers Exploited by Suppliers

What’s one thing that’s sure to make you frown? Receiving an energy bill that is way overpriced? Or investing in solar panels and still receiving the same energy bills?

Solar panels on your roof is a great step in creating a greener earth, but is it helping you save any money?

We’re here to address the pain points of going solar and tell you exactly what to do to get the cheapest electricity bill.

Don’t pay more for the electricity you buy

Many providers exploit solar energy customers by charging higher prices for their electricity than customers without solar energy. If you are creating your own electricity, why pay more for the electricity you use? And you don’t have to, if you choose a solar friendly energy provider.

Get a better Feed In Tariff

Some energy providers pay above the regulated minimum feed in tariff. This can be a great deal. But take care, most then charge even more for the electricity that you buy from them. Is this fair?

Don’t lose your Premium feed in tariff

There are still customers that have premium feed in tariff rates, and fear that these will be lost if they transfer. This is a common misconception. You retain your right to the premium feed in rates when you switch. We’ve noticed that energy providers exploit this confusion by charging even more to customers with the premium feed in rates.

How can I get the most out of my Solar Energy?

You sell electricity to your Energy provider for a price that is less than half of the price that you buy electricity. So, instead of exporting so much at a low price, maybe you could use more at those times. Run that washing machine or the dishwasher when it’s sunny or if you have a pool, turn on the pool pump.

Excess solar power produced from the panels can be sold to energy providers at a fixed rate. As long as you export more energy than you import or use, you can cut what you pay for electricity. The drawback, however is that bigger solar panels have to be installed to have higher exports resulting in additional costs.

How can I get the best feed in rates?

Customers often struggle with choosing a different provider as it is time consuming and hard to compare. This gives room for suppliers to exploit confused consumers.

There is a simple way to cut through the confusion. Let us do the work. Go to Energy Umpire for a free savings report on your energy bill. With our intelligent software that compares electricity and gas prices from all suppliers in Australia, just email in your bills to be rewarded with reduced rates, Solar or not. We help you transfer plans and move from one energy provider to another. It’s incredibly easy. A single phone call can get you saving.