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green electricity suppliers

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We work for you, not the Energy Companies. We do not accept Commissions or Payments or Inducements of any kind from Energy Companies.​


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green electricity suppliers

What you need to know about Green Electricity

Renewable Energy is a simple concept. It is electricity generated from natural sources, e.g. wind, solar and hydro-electricity.

Green Power Suppliers must purchase their Renewable Energy from  sources accredited under the Government scheme.

The Governments of ACT, NSW, SA and VIC have combined to accredit green electricity.  You can buy green power and be confident that you are supporting genuine new renewable energy which meets stringent environmental standards. It excludes renewable energy that has been used to satisfy the Renewable Energy Target. It also excludes generation commencing prior to 1997. 

The best priced 100% Green Electricity costs 40c/day or $2.80/week for the average home. That’s less than cost of a cappuccino a week. If you’re sourcing the cheapest electricity it would add about 10% to your electricity bill. In practice most of our new customers can switch at no extra cost because they can save 10% or more by getting the cheapest supplier. 

With Energy Umpire you get the Cheapest Green Power Supplier, guaranteed. We compare every offer from every company and don’t accept commissions or payments or inducements from energy companies. We only work for you, and to cover the cost we charge a small fee to find the cheapest green electricity for your area and your usage.

Cheapest Green Electricity Suppliers

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