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Small Business paying 24% too much for gas

Businesses are not getting the cheapest gas supplier. The Age reported on June 30 that struggling Victorian small businesses could save an average of $2400 a year on soaring gas bills according to the Energy Regulator. 10,000 small business owners are paying over the top for gas because they are locked into expensive default gas contracts.  Switching to lower market offers would save those Victorian businesses $24 million in total, the Essential Services Commission found.

John Hamill, the commission’s chief executive, said default plans from gas retailers could be up to 24% more expensive than discounted offers.

“Small businesses could be experiencing bill stress during this challenging period and these potential savings could provide some welcome relief.”

Similar savings are available for electricity by switching to the cheapest electricity price.

The Commission said that 684 small businesses in Victoria were getting payment assistance from their gas supplier by the end of May, with each owing an average of $1441 on their gas accounts. Almost four times that number were struggling with their electricity bills, with 2488 small business customers owing an average of $1141 each.

Many gas users are restaurants that have reduced opening days and turned to takeaway meals and deliveries to survive. But the bills don’t stop. It’s time to get the cheapest business gas and electricity and stop paying over the top.

The Regulator recommends

The Regulator recommends that you call your Energy Company to get a better offer. They also suggest a vague “shop around” to small business owners. The Age headline leads with ‘Pick up the phone’ (to call your energy company).

A better way to get the Cheapest Business Gas Supplier

There is a better way than doing the hard slog of comparing offers from nearly 30 Suppliers. It’s not easy as well because of the complications of gas prices, with seasons and blocks.

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