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These energy comparison websites CAN’T make ANY of our promises to you.

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You get the Cheapest Business Energy Prices available in your area and for your usage, guaranteed.

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We work for you, not the Energy Companies. We do not accept Commissions or Payments or Inducements of any kind from Energy Companies


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We monitor Business Energy Prices and when there is a cheaper price, we let you know the new Cheapest Business Energy Provider. This is important as prices change regularly.

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It’s dead easy to switch either online or by phone. You get details of cheapest provider and simple 3 step instructions to complete your switch. Signing up just takes a few minutes. If you get a counter offer from your current business energy supplier, we will check if it’s a good deal for you. We also check that the supplier has signed you up to the correct deal.

Our business energy monitor lets you know when there is a cheaper offer with a report showing how much you can save. You are in charge. Switch if it’s worthwhile. Most customers switch approximately twice a year.

Our aim is to Free Your Bill. When you sign up, we issue you with an email address for your energy billing. Bills sent that email will be instantly and automatically redirected to you and us. Once your bill arrives we check if it remains the cheapest price and if not, how much you could save by switching. 

Many businesses have multiple sites and it’s harder to keep on top of all your bills. It can be tempting to choose a single supplier for all sites. This is rarely a good choice. Business Energy Providers focus on different areas and types of customer. Over time a Supplier can move from the cheapest business energy rates to being quite uncompetitive. Having different providers will usually save you more money on your energy bills.

We are experts in finding the most cost-effective multi-site energy solution for your business by comparing what you are paying now with the rates and discounts from all energy providers. 

There are 2 ways in which your meter can play a role with your business electricity.
1. For larger businesses we confirm that the best priced plan is available for your meter by contacting the supplier.
2. If you have a remotely read meter it is quicker to complete the switch.

Make it Cheaper are the market leader in comparing business energy tariffs but as we show in our recent article, they often don’t have the cheapest prices because they only compare for the companies that pay them. The energy companies don’t allow them to switch you again when a cheaper price is available as we do. Our business energy monitor is always checking for the cheapest deal. Get every offer from every company compared. We don’t accept commissions or payments or inducements from energy companies as we only work for you.

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