Who is Energy Umpire?

What Drives Us

Energy Umpire get ordinary customers the Cheapest Energy Supplier simply. Every bill.

Clean up the energy industry: it’s commissions and deliberate confusion.

Proudly Australian owned. 

Make the complex easy

Find Cheapest

Just give us details of your electricity and gas usage. We compare every supplier and find the cheapest. We let you know your savings for free.

Get Cheapest

Get the cheapest electricity and gas supplier for your home or business by choosing Energy Umpire. It’s so simple and easy.

Keep Cheapest

Always get the cheapest prices, even when prices change. We monitor changes in prices for you when there’s a better deal.

Our team

A passionate team. A blend of energy expertise and youthful enthusiasm. Aiming to make a difference.

Alan Rattray


30 years in Energy. Passionate about getting customers a fair go. Previously advised Government on Energy Reform and was Chairman of Southern Hydro.

Clint Gadsden

Co-Founder, CTO

As a father of 2 girls, I want to see a cleaner energy industry for them. I’ve worked in technology for 14 years in Electricity and Gas Utilities, so I know how it works. 

William Pitt

Bill Pitt


After years of working for energy utilities, I want to use my energy experience for the benefit of customers.

Kefei Duan


I love being part of Energy Umpire because it is more than just a business. We are on a mission to change the poor practices. I have a Master’s degree in IT, University of Melbourne.

Preetha Srinivasan

software Architect

Passionate techie.
Hobby boxer and the founder of TLang Clothing (geek wear for techies)