Who are we?

We are a 100% Australian owned company.

We want to give ordinary customers a service that makes it really easy to get the Cheapest energy supplier all the time.

Our objective is to help energy users get the best rates.

Energy is hard, but we can help!

Problem 1
It’s a complicated industry

“As someone with a home and a small business I tried to find my best offers. Even as an expert in energy I realised how much information I had to gather and analyse to make to choose the best supplier.”

Problem 2
Advice is based on getting commissions

“Comparison services (e.g. iSelect) at best, compare about a third of all suppliers and get paid for a one off switch. On top of this, they don’t always have access to the best deals even for the suppliers they represent.”

Problem 3
In 3-6 months my choice is out of date

“Energy rates change all the time. Its too much effort to keep on top of it all the time.”

Our Solutions

Solution 1

Continually be on the best rate

We monitor your rates and calculate your available savings for free.

Solution 2

Make it easy

For email billing customers we set it up so we get copies of your bill automatically. Sit back and let us do the work for you.

Solution 3


We compare all suppliers and plans for you. We are totally independent and don’t take any commissions from Suppliers

Solution 4

Make it simple

If your savings are big enough to justify our small fee, subscribe to the paid plan.

The Founder of Energy Umpire

Alan’s 30 years in energy has included:

  • Managing Director of Alliant Energy Australia Chairman of Southern Hydro
  • GM Energy Trading at United Energy
  • Director, Energy Brix, Copower and Hydro Systems
  • Director, Energy Group for the investment bank, Morrison & Co.
  • Chairman Oakley Greenwood
  • Appointed by the Prime Minister to the Energy Reform Implementation Group, a panel established by the Council of Australian Governments to report on further reform of the electricity and gas markets in Australia.

  • Our Team

    Clint Gadsden


    Kefei Duan

    Pricing Analyst

    Kshitji Gulati

    Marketing and Designs Head

    Ann Gulati

    Bill Analyst