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2 cappuccinos for 100% GreenPower Energy – ‘Kill Bills’ Author

Joel Gibson, the author of ‘Kill Bills wrote an article in The Age. ‘It’s easy going green with power and does not cost the earth’. He calculates that it costs equivalent to 2 cups of cappuccino per week to get 100% GreenPower energy.

It costs less than a cappuccino a week to get GreenPower Energy

The best priced GreenPower Energy costs 40c/day or $2.80/week. We compared every provider and GreenPower plan. The best price for GreenPower Energy is currently 2.8 c/kWh. The average 3 person household in Victoria uses 14.4 kWh/day. That means that the cost of GreenPower is 40 c/day or $2.80 per week.

Energy Companies are jostling for your business. The cheapest provider has changed 3 times in the past 2 months.

Really Kill your Bill

It’s important to minimise the total bill including the usage charges, supply charge AND GreenPower charges. GreenPower energy only makes up about 10% of the bill.

We looked at an average home in the United Energy area of Melbourne. The cheapest provider charges a little more for GreenPower but charges less for usage and supply. However, the extra cost of 100% GreenPower is still less than a cappuccino a week.

Kill your Bill and Get GreenPower

With Energy Umpire you get the best price for your total bill, guaranteed. Energy Umpire compare every offer from every company and don’t accept commissions or payments or inducements from energy companies.

Energy Umpire only work for you, and to cover the cost we charge a small fee.  We give you quarterly updates on your best priced supplier. The prices of electricity and the extra cost of GreenPower energy change all the time.  Get the best GreenPower price now.

What is GreenPower?

GreenPower is accredited by Government as electricity sourced from renewable sources. Critically it is in addition to the legislated Renewable Energy Target. Renewable electricity can’t be counted in both schemes. See more.