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Beat the confusion created by Power Companies.

There’s plenty of traps in finding the best electricity deals with solar as we explain below. Your bill may be low, but we explain why you can still get really good savings.

It sounds amazing to get your power free from the sun. And it is! It’s hard enough getting solar power installed but that is not the end of it. The power company is likely to switch you to an expensive plan as soon as you get your solar panels installed and connected.

The feed in tariff

The rules regarding the feed in tariff vary by State. Victoria has a minimum feed in tariff of 9.9c/kWh. The highest available feed in tariff is more than double the minimum at 20c/kWh. In NSW, QLD and SA, there is no minimum, and the feed in tariff varies greatly but it is normally in the range 6-17c/kWh.

Will I keep my premium feed in tariff if I switch?

The early adopters of solar power obtained guaranteed incentive prices. Many customers with these attractive prices fear that they will lose their premium prices if they switch to a different provider. You provider knows of this fear and many exploit it by charging you more. Have no fear. When you switch you retain your premium prices with the new supplier.

The power usage price

Many suppliers charge more for power usage because you have solar power, and their usage prices can vary greatly.

The supply charge

The supply charge can also be important for solar power customers, given that with lower usage it is often a bigger part of the bill. A variation of 30c/day in the supply charge can add up to $110 over a year.

My bill is already low. Can I still save?

With solar power, you get a lower bill. Often we find that because the bill is low, it is natural to ‘go to sleep’ at the wheel. The result is you can be missing out on really good savings. It might surprise you to find out that our solar customers very often save more than those without solar power.

Getting the Best Electricity Deals with Solar is tricky

There are a lot of factors that go into a comparison: the feed in tariff, usage prices, your usage, the supply charge, the discount and seasonality of your usage and exports to the grid.
Getting the right combination of feed in tariff, supply charge and usage rates for your situation takes some careful analysis.
This makes it a more complex task for customers to compare suppliers when you have solar.

Electricity companies see this as an opportunity to extract a margin, that’s business after all, but it’s not solar friendly. That’s why we launched our bill analysis service to provide a simple accurate comparison for solar customers.

Get Best Electricity Deals with Solar

Energy Umpire is independent and completely impartial. You get every available offer from every company compared. We won’t accept commissions or payments or inducements of any kind from energy companies. Our sole focus is getting you the Best Electricity Deal with Solar and to cover the cost we charge a small fee. Find out how much you could save for free.