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Why talk about Make it Cheaper?

Make it Cheaper are the market leader in comparing business electricity and gas prices.

We ask the simple question: do you get the cheapest electricity and gas from Make it Cheaper?

What do Make it Cheaper do?

Basically, they can’t get businesses the cheapest price because they selectively compare only their energy partners. Like iSelect they do service homes too. Energy Companies contract them to switch electricity and gas customers to them. The commissions paid by Energy Companies range from $200-500 per customer, depending on the size of the customer.

Their website shows they compare 12 suppliers, around a quarter of the 52 providers.

It is standard for comparison services of this type to be obliged under their contract with the provider not to give customers an ongoing service. The providers have paid for the customer and require that the customer not be provoked to switch again. It is understood that with Make it Cheaper the embargoed period is 2 years.

What do Make it Cheaper do initially?

They can make your energy bill cheaper when they provide their initial recommendation. It will only be the cheapest when that supplier and plan is represented in the plans offered by their 12 suppliers.

What about when prices change?

Most energy providers change their prices twice a year, but many change their prices more often. Comparison services are forbidden from prompting you when there is a better deal, either because your price goes up or another supplier goes down. On average, the currency of a switch may be 3 months before there will be price changes. Of course your chosen provider may remain the best of the providers offered. Alternatively it may not, and after 6-12 months it is unlikely that the chosen energy deal will be the best of the 12 providers and even less likely the cheapest of all providers.

What is the result for a real customer?

We recently did comparisons for 3 sites for a business electricity customer that had been using Make it Cheaper for 10 years. We found savings of over $6000 on 2 of the 3 sites, representing a saving of 21% for those sites. The other site had no saving, probably because it had only switched 2 months earlier.

How to get the Cheapest Price?

At Energy Umpire you get every energy provider and every deal compared. If you have good savings you can choose to become a subscriber, and get:

  • The cheapest available price.
  • Your energy price checked continually.
  • Switched easily to the energy provider.
  • Any counter offer compared.

You don’t have to do any work. We do it for you.

Always the best energy price

Now and in the future when prices change

Make it Cheaper can get you a better deal initially as they promise. What they can’t promise is to get you the cheapest. More importantly, they can’t keep you on the cheapest energy prices continuously.

Compare your energy prices now. It’s free to find out how much you can save.