iSelect didn’t get me the Cheapest Electricity Provider “by Zara, Hawthorn”

Exhausted with overpaying for my electricity, I finally decided to take things in my hands and find an electricity provider that will give me a chance to save me some moolah!

Currently using Simply Energy for my energy needs, I decided to look at what was out there. With over 26 retailers to choose from in Victoria, and each of those offering countless plans I decided to opt for electricity comparison services. Pretty obvious, eh?

iSelect was my first choice, it is legit the most used comparison service all over Australia.

The process I went through to get the best plan from iSelect was painless and straightforward. The first stage of the process was a Customer Service officer who asked me the state that I was calling from. The call was then forwarded to another officer who took my address and NMI.

After, a brief “electricity” talk, iSelect terms and conditions were narrated to me and pretty much made the following things clear.

iSelect DOES NOT compare all available providers but comes up with a cheaper plan.

Companies which we choose from pay iSelect.

I’d heard that iSelect get paid about $150 for switching an electricity customer, so I was worried that they might not be giving me the cheapest electricity price for my area.

In under 5 minutes, iSelect had come up with suggestion of the cheapest electricity provider, namely Alinta Energy. The suggestion was also delivered straight to my Inbox in those 5 minutes.

P.S.: As per the comparison on iSelect’s website, the other options were Sumo Energy and Powerdirect.

I prefer having a minimum of 2 best options to choose from and the fact that I did not get a comparison for all providers pushed me to find an alternative service, another perspective. I needed THE CHEAPEST plan.

I was also struggling with managing my finances, which made it imperative for me to not spend anything extra on energy.

It was these need that led me to discover this personalised and simple energy comparison service called Energy Umpire.

Unlike other services, Energy Umpire is not associated with any Energy company thus helping me with a bias free comparison. The process was quick and detailed, but I was guided through the entire process by an extremely helpful Hamish.

After submitting my latest bills to Energy Umpire, I got a Free Comparison report within 24 hours!

More than happy to answer any questions, my switch was completely guided by Hamish, I get access to monthly Savings reports and a quote, all for a price of just $10 which includes personalised advice for 3 months. Energy Umpire also checked the counter offer from Simply Energy. If another supplier becomes the cheapest, Energy Umpire helps me to get switched to the cheaper provider if I choose.

Below are comparison details of Annual Savings with between my current plan (with Simply Energy), iSelect’s plan (with Alinta Energy) and Energy Umpire’s plan.

Savings with iSelect’s Recommendation Savings with Energy Umpire’s Recommendation
$131 $213

Using Energy Umpire’s recommended electricity provider and saving over $200 annually was the way to go. I was amazed to find that Energy Umpire also switched me to the cheapest gas provider for no extra charge (i.e. included in the $10!). You should try it.

Thank You Energy Umpire!

Note: Whilst our pricing and plans are correct at the time of publishing this blog, it is always a good idea to check our current plans page to confirm our current offering.