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People all around the world are jumping at the chance to save on home and small business energy bills.

These guys at UK’s Love Energy say they are “dedicated to bringing (UK consumers) all the information you need to make an informed decision about your gas and electricity”.

The Money Saving Expert is revving up the UK public today: “now’s the time to sort your energy bills, so you’re locked in at a cheap rate before winter hits … The cheapest deals are for switchers, vastly undercutting the rest. This guide tells you how you can switch.” Haha, they’re getting ready for winter … whoa, they’ve never seen a bill like an Aussie summer power bill!

In England there’s even an organisation called the Energy Saving Trust, which is dedicated to helping people reduce their reliance on carbon-based energy and … hey, in the process, reduce their electricity costs.

Switch sites are all the rage in the United States … like this one.

And just across the Tasman in New Zealand, the Switch Me reports that “if every New Zealander switched power companies within the last year, a combined total of $307 million could of been saved” and “almost 418,000 consumers changed their electricity supplier during the (2015) year”.

From today Australian consumers will start seeing loads more energy expended in the bill-switching market because summer is now only 30 days away.

The Energy Umpire agrees: “get in there” yourself. And the best way to start is with our Free Bill Checkup.

Not paid by the energy providers … and searching every offer. That’s us at the Energy Umpire.