Home Blog Moving Is DirectConnect really ‘free’ for Moving Home? How I was Duped by the Agent.


It costs a bundle to move

Have you ever felt like you’ve spent more money than you should when moving home? It could be that you’re like me and took the line of lease resistance. Like many others before me, I was taken for an energy ride by the Agent’s moving service DirectConnect whilst moving home. I am like any poor sucker who has had to deal with the logistical nightmare of moving. I was completely overwhelmed by the seemingly never-ending list of things to do when relocating for the first time.

My Real Estate Agent came to the ‘rescue’

I pounced on it when my real estate agent (Tania) offered to get me connected to electricity and gas via DirectConnect. More fool me as it turned out.
Tania was lovely, she laughed at my sub-par jokes, always arrived on time and assisted me superbly with my moving home endeavours. Unfortunately, I later found out that her intentions were misleading to say the least.

Then the truth dawned on me

A year later I compared with Energy Umpire. I found that I was on the worst plan available from my energy provider. Even worse, there were much cheaper providers.

I started to question why sweet, dear Tania would conduct such a traitorous act. To my surprise, after I signed that slip of paper, Tania was skipping and laughing all the way to the bank. She was perhaps cashing in a nice juicy commission cheque for her misguiding services. DirectConnect say that they “reward [our partners] with competitive and flexible commissions.”

When I looked at DirectConnect’s website, it revealed virtually no useful information. It only says they refer customers to AGL, Origin, Red and Lumo (who have the same owner) but I couldn’t find any explanation of the plan that would apply.

Big savings

Energy Umpire showed me how to save $212 on my gas bill and $368 on electricity. I wish I’d known about them when I was moving home! They compare every provider and switched me to the best energy provider. Even better, Energy Umpire let me know the cheapest provider on an ongoing basis. Too easy!