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Surviving the lockdown

There is a lot of advice flying thick and fast about how to survive the lockdown. How can we help given that we don’t sell groceries or provide home fitness activities? There’s a ton of good health advice and advice on Covid-19. That’s not us either. We can help by getting the electricity bills and gas bills of your family and friends down while you also get an exclusive loyalty benefit.

Electricity and gas bills will be skyrocketing

Nearly all of us are home most of the time now, as are our family and friends. Many have lost income. But being home means your electricity usage is up, and as the weather turns cold, your gas usage will rise too. That means bigger bills, just when many of us have less. It’s hard to manage how much you use, but it’s easy to get the cheapest price.

Help your family and friends

You have used Energy Umpire, why not introduce them to our service? We have developed a lockdown support package to help you and your family and friends whether you are a customer or not.

The benefit for your family and friends

The average home in Citipower can get savings of over $500/yr. on their electricity alone (compared with the average price charged by AGL, Origin and Energy Australia) just by switching to the cheapest available price. Savings for business are usually much greater.

Special offer for your friends and family

If any of your friends and family sign up to a subscription service by April 30 they will pay nothing for that service till July 31. Your friends and family can also refer new subscription clients and get the same benefits. If you have additional accounts of your own, you can add them and get the benefit of this offer.

The initial discounted switching charge of $10/account (normally $25) is still payable but only if you save more than $100/yr/account, otherwise the switch is free when you sign up to a subscription service.

Big benefits for customers

For every new subscription client OR additional account you refer:

  • Get 3 months of free subscription (if you have one account)
  • Get 2 months of free subscription (if you have 2 accounts)

Introduce as many clients as you can. Every client you introduce extends the benefit for you and them!

As a Customer what do I need to do?

Introduce our service to your friends and let us know their email addresses. Just email us a list of the email addresses of people who you asked to try our service. Or forward this blog link to them and include contact@energyumpire.com.au in the copies. We will cross check the email addresses with the customers that subscribe prior to April 30.

What about if I’m not a customer?

Get your electricity and gas bill checked now. Prices change all the time. You can access the same benefits as do family and friends of our current customers. And you can refer your friends and get the same benefits as do customers.

Business customers

Any customer referring Small business accounts will be treated the same as home customers. A customer referring Medium and Large Business customers will receive larger benefits benefits.

Get the cheapest prices

At this time, it’s so important to save money on your electricity bill and gas bill. Visit Energy Umpire and get the cheapest prices. We independently compare every available offer from every company because we don’t accept inducements of any kind from energy companies. Find out how much you could save.