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Labor leader Bill Shorten has stepped up attacks on Turnbull government on its failure to lower gas and electricity bills as promised, Herald Sun reported.

Shorten has highlighted the PM has failed to fulfil the promise to halve the gas prices, let alone cut electricity bills. He further stated ‘Australia is in the midst of a gas and energy price crisis’.

A recent audit has revealed more than a million households are paying $800 over the odds on their electricity bills. Malcolm Turnbull has called an emergency meeting with energy bosses on 30.08.2017 to reiterate the need to treat the consumers in a better way. The PM is holding emergency talks with the energy bosses as he moves to shame retailers into reducing electricity bills for Australian households. It is the second time the Prime Minister has met with retailers in three weeks.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has found there is still up to one million households on “standing offers” who should be on a better deal than they are currently on.

Retailers will also be expected to provide an update of what they have achieved since the previous meeting earlier in the month where they were asked to contact customers on expired discount offers.

“My goal is to ensure that no Australian family is paying more for electricity than they need to,” Mr Turnbull has said. This is the exact goal of Energy Umpire too, the difference being that we make it happen. Will the millions of Australian families have the time, energy, skills and patience to compare gas and electricity bills, check all the available retailers, plans, rates and discounts?

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