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Steven came to us a bit over a year ago, when he was looking for the cheapest energy deal for his home, he was surprised to see that how we were able to save more than $350 pa on his electricity and gas bills and would continue monitor his bills to find best options.

After a year with us he decided to write about his experience. Steven wrote:

“I found that getting the cheapest energy deal in the market has 3 main hurdles: Time, Effort and Hassle. With energy prices changing throughout the year, finding the cheapest energy deal can be a challenge as it’s an ongoing process.”

“The deal you find today won’t necessary be the best electricity and gas prices tomorrow. So, it was important for me to schedule a time and check for the cheapest energy deal. With so many things going around its hard for me to remember to compare energy prices and switch to the cheapest electricity and gas deals.”

“This is where Energy Umpire comes to rescue. I have a peace of mind as Energy Umpire with their sophisticated system is constantly tracking my bills and energy prices in the market to make sure I’m always enjoying the maximum savings.”

“I recently discovered that iSELECT and other energy comparison companies receive a commission for referring a customer to energy companies. The deals they offered me were not the cheapest prices in the market but, I suspect, the one which gave them more money. These Companies do not consider and compare energy prices of all the suppliers in the market .”

“Unlike others, Energy Umpire offers the cheapest deal in the market and the results are unbiased, as Energy Umpire is not aligned with any energy provider. Their focus is the customer and finding the cheapest electricity and gas prices in the market.”

“In addition to getting me the cheapest prices in the market, the small fee I pay to energy umpire is worth its weight in gold in saving time, hassle and effort.”

“I feel like I’m doing my bit to counter the unscrupulous practices of energy providers and comparison services designed to drive up their profits. I’ve seen it all before; the sweetheart energy deal that sounds awesome initially that becomes more like a nightmare over time. Maybe they hope you won’t notice, and you usually don’t.”

“Protect Yourself against this ill Practice.”

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