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You won’t get the best electricity and gas deals…… unless you ATTEMPT to switch energy!

A few weeks ago I put the Energy Umpire services to the test and the results surprised me, well not really but it is telling!

I submitted my recent Electricity and Gas bills to Energy Umpire to analyse my power consumption and identify if there are any better electricity and gas plans available in the market.

A Saving of $967

It turns out there was, a saving of $243 for electricity and $724 for gas. So I progressed with switching my electricity and gas accounts away from my current retailer to the new retailers (better plans at different retailers for each of the electricity and gas accounts).

About a week later I received a call from my incumbent retailer, asking me why I was switching away? Was it a customer service reason or purely price? I mentioned price, but really if as a retailer, whose focus should be customer experience, isn’t making sure you’re competitively priced, be part of the experience? Upon mentioning this, the caller responded, well tell me who you’re switching to? and I’ll see if I can undercut them! So I proceeded to tell them who I was switching to, they looked up the plans tariffs on those retailers website, and then offered me a SPECIAL plan.

Stay with Us!

This plan was dubbed the “Stay with Us’ plan. This plan was only offered to customers who had proceeded to switch away from them. I admit this plan was actually competitive and undercut the best publicly available plan from all other retailers, but the question has to be asked, why aren’t these prices available to all customers in the first place? 

This experience and first hand evidence does illustrate the point, that for all you electricity and gas customers you haven’t attempted to switch energy retailers or directly asked your current retailer for the best prices, you are those business best customers, you are those business cash cows. 

On the other hand if you don’t accept just paying artificially inflated electricity and gas prices to these businesses, we at Energy Umpire are here to help.

How to switch energy?

To get the best electricity and gas deals, click below to signup and discover where the best prices are available from, better yet, signup for a subscription and we will make sure you are continually getting the best prices every month as a new plan and prices enter the market.