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Nationally-funded journalism has cottoned on to the impending price cliff faced by many home and business owners who have been saving money by generating their own solar energy and receiving government support for it.

ABC consumer affairs reporter Amy Bainbridge reported on her meeting with Damien Moyse from the Alternative Technology Association in July and with energy consultant and consumer advocate Martin Gill last week and the message was the same from both interviews: lookout, the solar rebates are ending, you’re coming back to earth!

As Ms Bainbridge wrote: “Most of the affected solar users have not had to pay a bill in years because of the rebates they were receiving.”

She quoted former insurance executive Pieter Lindhout as having “spent hours researching the best energy deal to switch to”.

That’s really doing it the hard way, Amy. Mr Lindhout could have invested $15 with our Energy Umpire comparison service – which compares every available offer in his specific local market – and saved himself his hours of toil. Since his time is probably worth more than $15 an hour, he’d have started saving right away.

Not paid by the energy providers … and searching every offer. That’s us at the Energy Umpire.