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The real estate and livestock agency business Charles Stewart and Co in Western Victoria has just saved $1,081 by investing $150 with the Energy Umpire Bill Comparison Service.

The general manager of the business, Stephen Lawrence, said he had thought his business had achieved “pretty good” electricity prices before he met the Energy Umpire but they still managed to cut more than $1,000 from their first new bill.

“It was mostly me in the past, sorting through the electricity offerings, then we employed a new outgoings payable manager and he put a lot of effort into finding the best prices. But it’s really difficult.

First you have to be sure that you’re comparing apples with apples … all the offers have different ingredients, like different rating periods.

You really need someone who knows what they’re doing and who knows all the different companies.”

Stephen said the process of saving that $1,081 was pretty easy.

“We just went to the Energy Umpire website and followed through with the process of sending them our latest bill.

Then we agreed that the Energy Umpire would receive our next bill at the same time we did. They found a supplier we’d never even thought of… one whose name doesn’t normally turn up in our area. They worked out the best deal for us and we saved $1,081.
So we signed up for their Business Umpire service which guarantees us the best electricity and gas deals for $25 a month for six months… an investment of $150.”

The Business Umpire service for business electricity savings means Energy Umpire reviews and chooses the best plan, and helps with the switching process … including reviewing the inevitable counter-offer you’ll receive from the supplier you’re leaving.

That plan means you receive a dedicated account manager who checks your bills for errors and provides a report on every energy bill you receive, comparing every plan from every supplier.

Could you do with an extra few dollars off your next bill? Come over now.