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Energy Price Comparison Websites

Opaque plans and jargon flood the energy market which makes energy comparison complicated. Navigating this world is tedious, stressful and confusing.

In our last blog we showed that customers who had switched recently saved little compared with not switching at all.  As most customers switch using energy comparison websites, we decided to dig deeper. We discovered that nearly all only compare a select few suppliers, never giving you the complete picture. The reason is simple – money. They don’t work for you, they work for the energy companies.

Second rate offers – less savings

Energy comparison websites offer plans that are rarely the best simply because they fail to compare all suppliers. Moreover, the companies that they represent can require them to exclude their cheapest plan. Also, dual fuel plans which are rarely the cheapest are often favoured. What does this mean for you? They rarely include the best suppliers and price plans. You miss out on getting the best savings.


The most commonly used energy comparison website, iSelect compare only 5 of the 30 companies for home electricity (after removing multiple brands of the same company) 5 for dual fuel, and 4 for gas. For business, iSelect compare offers from 3 electricity companies, 2 dual fuel and 1 for gas only. The clincher is the quality of the prices that they offer. If you are with one of the companies offered: AGL, Origin, Lumo/Red, Momentum, Simply and NRG, we are very confident that we can save you money as they rarely have the cheapest prices.

How good are the ISelect energy prices?

We picked one of our customers to see how they would fare with iSelect. ‘Sam’ (not his real name) from Launching Place would pay $220 more on electricity ($150) and gas ($70) by switching using iSelect. For this calculation we assumed that iSelect would choose the cheapest plan from the companies they list.

Get a true comparison

Energy Umpire is independent and completely impartial. You get every available offer from every company compared. We won’t accept commissions or payments or inducements of any kind from energy companies. Our sole focus is getting you the cheapest price and to cover the cost we charge a small fee. Find out how much you could save for free.