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When the temperatures reach mid thirties and occasionally hit forties, we do everything possible to stay cool, switch on the a/c, cooler or fans and use additional bottle coolers to have cold drinks, without thinking of the repercussions on our power bills. Average household power bills in the summer reach such levels that many of us have to cancel our vacation plans. When the situation is hurting us this way, did we ever think a mobile game would help us reduce our power bills?

Research done on this subject has shown that mobile games designed for purposes other than entertainment can help households become more power efficient. ‘Reduce Your Juice’, part of a digital social marketing program developed by CitySmart, Queensland University of Technology and BCM partnership, offers three such games. The three mini-games target the top three power-efficient behaviours around the home: turning down air conditioners, using cool water for laundry, and switching off appliances when not in use. What they believe is the behaviours encouraged in the games would translate into real life and would drive people to use their power efficiently, cutting down on wastage.

After you inherit good power usage habits and do everything possible to minimize power wastage, you need to compare power bills to see if you are getting the best power prices from your supplier. If you are consuming a lower amount of power but still end up getting a huge power bill, the fault lies with your power supplier.

While no mobile game can help you compare power bills and choose the cheapest power supplier, we at Energy Umpire, are game for this. We compare power bills using the prices of all the power suppliers in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and South Australia around the year to help our clients always get the cheapest power bills forever.

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