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Energy Umpire is offering small-to-medium sized businesses a free health check of business energy bills.

They compare your businesses energy bill and usage with every local plan available and calculate how much you can save.

Energy is one of the big hidden costs your business’s financial people – maybe that’s even you? – struggle with every month.

Take it from me, energy sucks up more time than it’s worth in businesses big and small all over the country and until now, the business energy “Bill” has been trapped behind complex paperwork, pricing plans and contracts.

But now the energy market around Australia is gradually freeing up.

Business financial people can take control of their business energy bills like never before.

And you can be the one who points this out. Go on, it’s Friday arvo … promise yourself a special drink for this bright idea and make a note in your phone diary to mention this at the team meeting on Monday morning.

Just to be sure there’s no downside in this, try it out yourself right now. The Energy Umpire also deals with individual renters and homeowners so you can test this idea yourself.

Visit our page and follow our simple step-by-step process and we’ll show you how it works. Hey, might even score a discount yourself, right? Sweet!