Home Blog energy policy Turnbull’s Agreement with Electricity Providers – Are We Winning the Battle?


Malcolm Turnbull says the meeting he had yesterday with electricity providers has been successful as he has secured an agreement with them, Daily Telegraph reported. The electricity providers have agreed to write to more customers informing them of better deals. Millions of Australians who were paying energy prices more than they should, awaited the outcome of the meeting eagerly.

“As a result of the action from the two meetings we have now had with the electricity providers, as many as two million Australian families and small businesses could save hundreds of dollars on their electricity bills,” the Prime Minister told reporters. He further stated “This is a very big breakthrough, and it is happening here and now. A lot of the things we are doing on energy are long-term, like Snowy Hydro 2.0, but this is helping Australian families now.”

“We’ve secured a commitment from the electricity providers to provide clearer, more understandable information on the electricity rates that are available, along with the development of a single, simple dollar comparative rates,” he said.

This was the second meeting the PM had with retailers in three weeks. At the first one, retailers agreed to alert customers when a plan was coming to an end and advise them on the consequences of either sticking with the plan or moving to another offer.

It is interesting to see how these agreements with the electricity providers are going to ease the burdens on consumers. Will the retailers advise consumers about the lowest rates available in the market including those of their competitors? Will the retailers take the trouble to study consumers’ energy consumption patterns and enlighten them on the most suitable plans? Your guess is as good as mine! No guesses required to know who has to do all the work, You.

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