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What do ReAmped Energy say about themselves?

ReAmped Energy Review: ReAmped is a digital business on a mission to do things smarter and simpler in Electricity, supplying VIC, NSW, ACT, South East QLD and SA areas. It launched in February 2019 with an aim to shake things up and help Aussies pay less for power. Some quotes:

“The same power as the big power companies, without the big power company.”

“Simple low prices, no lock-in contracts and amazing live service.”

“No puzzling offers or discounts, just great low prices.”

“If you pay too much for power you’re a goose”

ReAmped Energy Review of Claims

So much for the marketing hype. We explain below what we like and don’t like about ReAmped Energy. While we have found ReAmped cheap for some customers at the moment, there are some serious traps for the unwary. Their claim that “If you pay too much for power you’re a goose” just doesn’t stack up as we show that ReAmped go to great lengths to avoid extending lower prices to their own customers.

ReAmped Energy Review: What we like

ReAmped Energy Rates are often keen

They have been offering keen prices to new customers, that for some customers are the cheapest. Of course, this is a typical strategy for new electricity companies entering the market. However as of today, ReAmped offer good value for many customers.

Good website

Other than the criticisms set out below, the website is generally clear and well set out.


The addition of GreenPower is easy and well explained. If you want the cheapest GreenPower click here.

ReAmped Energy Review: What we don’t like

Plans are Misleading

Reamped offer 2 plans: (In some States they also offer an Advance payment plan as well).
Classic: “Our everyday great rates with no commitment needed”
Handshake: “Better rates in exchange for a 1 year commitment”

You could be excused for thinking that the ‘Handshake’ plan involved a commitment, but in fact there is no penalty for leaving at any time. So why not just have one plan? It seems that they are trying to fool you into believing you are committed for a year. Sorry ReAmped, but this is misleading your customers.

New Prices issued all the time

More than any other provider, ReAmped Energy update their rates to new customers in a frenzy. Their prices for new customers have been changing fortnightly.

Same plan, different prices

A number of our customers were on the ReAmped Handshake Plan for Electricity.

When we compared we found that there was a cheaper plan with EXACTLY the same name but with much lower prices. How could this be? It’s only reasonable for the customer to believe that the plan name has a unique price.

Unfortunately, this misleading practice is all too common among energy suppliers, as two years ago we discovered how its counterpart Globird Energy played the same game (Globird Energy. Don’t Mislead Us. We thought you were better than that!).

“If you pay too much for power you’re a goose”

There’s more hypocrisy “If you pay too much for power you’re a goose”.  Misleading plans, prices changing frequently, same plan different prices, hard to know about or get the better prices. I’m sorry ReAmped, but you are treating your own customers as geese, even though all these practices are allowed under the rules of the market.

Hard for existing customers to get new lower prices

When ReAmped Energy issue new lower rates, they are only offered to new customers. There are 2 problems with this.

How would customers know of the cheaper price? By checking the ReAmped Energy website every 2 weeks or by lettingEnergy Umpire take care of it for you.

How do customers get the cheaper price? If existing customers learn about the new prices, they cannot sign up directly to them using the online portal. If the customer is aware of the lower price they can engage with online chat and get access to the cheaper prices.

Example: Here’s the actual switching history for Harry (not his real name, but a real one of our customers in Albury).

Switched DateYearly SavingsPrevious SupplierNew Best Supplier
Oct 2020$724QEnergyReAmped Energy
Mar 2021$411ReAmped EnergyReAmped Energy
Aug 2021$653ReAmped EnergyReAmped Energy

Harry saved a staggering $1064 by switching twice to a cheaper ReAmped Electricity plan. Harry uses more than average, but even our customers with average usage have had good savings. Actually Harry could have saved more had he switched more often, Living in NSW Harry didn’t have the regulatory protection offered in Victoria, but it turns out that ReAmped are flouting the regulations anyway.

Want to know if you are getting ReAmped’s cheapest plan? Email your bill to contact@energyumpire.com.au or visit Energy Umpire and we’ll let you know if you can save or if you are on the best price. Don’t worry it’s free to find out how much you can save.

Try it, even if you are not with ReAmped. There’s no obligation.

Fortnightly billing

ReAmped Electricity bill fortnightly by default. If you like that, then there’s no problem. If you don’t like it you can switch to monthly or weekly billing on their customer portal. I don’t like fortnightly billing, but I guess it’s a personal preference.

Coverage: Don’t offer Gas or cover all Electricity meters

ReAmped plans don’t cover all meters. If you have a less common tariff, it’s bad luck, ReAmped can’t supply you, e.g. Climate Saver in the Powercor network in Victoria.

ReAmped do not supply gas. To find a gas provider, head to Energy Umpire-Best Gas Provider. 

No telephone service

‘Amazing live service’ is ReAmped’s claim. What this means is that they only offer online chat and don’t offer phone service. We have found their online chat to be quite good, but be aware if you prefer to talk to a person, then ReAmped is not for you.

How is Energy Umpire different?

Are you receiving annoying phone calls regarding savings on your bills? You guessed these are really poor deals.Can comparison sites like ISelect deliver the best deals? The truth is that energy companies reward them heaps of commission fees behind the services.

The result? Australians paying the world’s highest electricity prices. Did you know that customers that switched in the previous 12 months saved only $45 more than those who didn’t? That includes many customers who switched using self help Government websites. It’s all very well to save at the start, but that means very little in six months time.

Energy Umpire compares every Supplier and Every Price plan.

  • We are 100% independent and customer focused.
  • No commission from energy companies.
  • The guaranteed cheapest price in the market in real time.
  • Trustworthy bill analysts.
  • Australian born start-up with ambitions to clean up energy market.

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Editors Note: ReAmped sent us a detailed critique of this blog. To be really fair we wanted to publish their responses verbatim. ReAmped declined. One claim in the version published initially was incorrect. Electricity Companies are required by regulation in Victoria only to advise the customer if there is a cheaper plan. Based on our analysis of many bills of Victorian customers, we saw no evidence that ReAmped Energy were doing so. However, we were wrong. Apologies to ReAmped for our mistake. The mistake has been corrected. When there is a notice on the bill of a cheaper plan in Vic, the fine print says how to get it.