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Globird Energy

Since Globird Energy Entered the electricity and later the gas market a few years ago, we have switched many customers to them and switched many away from them. For periods of time and for some areas and tariff types, they have been the cheapest supplier.

Same plan, different prices

One of our customers in Victoria was on the Globird EasySave Plan for Electricity.

When we compared we found that there was a cheaper plan with EXACTLY the same name but with much lower prices.
How could this be? It’s only reasonable for the customer to believe that the plan name is unique.

Unfortunately this misleading practice is all too common among energy suppliers.

Big Savings by switching to the Cheapest Price

The usage price was 28.01 c/kWh compared with 20.68 c/kWh for the cheapest price. To be fair the supply charge on the cheaper plan was a few cents a day higher.

How much is the loyalty ‘tax’? Our customer could save $367 /yr switching to the cheaper price, but confusingly keeping the same plan name.

We contacted Globird Energy and they asked what was going on. They said the customer could switch to the cheaper price but did not explain how the plan could have 2 different prices.

Failure to advise of Cheaper Price

Electricity retailers are required by regulation to advise the customer if there is a cheaper plan. There was no such advice on the bill. Globird Energy, you need to lift your game! The Essential Services Commission will be after you.

Don’t pay the Energy Supplier Loyalty ‘Tax’

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