Home Blog Moving Fast Connect for Moving Day? Beware of the Sting.


It’s here!  It’s finally here! The deposit is down and today is the day you get to finally sign that contract for your dream home!  All there is left to do now is arrange a removalist and you’re done…ugh, ok, not entirely. Utilities. You’re going to need the lights on and want to connect fast.

Who to call?

Well, that’s not so hard.  You can just sign up to AGL.  No, wait…Energy Australia…actually… There are a lot of options out there.  So many companies, so many deals. Which one do you call?  Why not try that service the estate agent recommended?  Fast Connect? They claim to arrange all your disconnects, reconnects and transfers for you – free! That’s perfect!  Where’s the catch….

What’s the catch?

Unfortunately, there is a catch.  Whilst they do provide a free connect service, they don’t actually give you much in the way of choice of suppliers (the company you buy your energy from).  The options they do give you are also the most expensive offerings available from those suppliers.

For example, we did a comparison between one of Fast Connect’s providers, Energy Australia, and the cheapest plans available that we could find*.

Just say you were an average family of four living in Ballarat. You join Fast Connect and they sign you up on the Energy Australia plan, costing you an estimated $5,814 a year**. Ouch!

There’s also the problem that once you have joined, it’s up to you to constantly review and research the market for cheaper prices. Inconvenient and time consuming.

Fast Connection, Cheapest Price?

That’s where we can help. Instead, you can join Energy Umpire and we will sign you up with the cheapest electricity and gas suppliers. In this case with an estimated cost of $3,484 per year**.

That’s a whopping saving of $2330 a year! Two thousand, three hundred and thirty dollars. A saving of 67%! Yes please!

Energy Umpire will help you find the cheapest plan for your energy upfront, monitor your bills regularly and let you know when there is a cheaper deal out there for you. We are not aligned to any supplier, and do not get any commissions so our choice is completely un-biased. So you can rest assured you are always on the best deal for your energy.

Now…where’s that packing tape!?

*We chose Energy Australia as a comparison as they one of the big 3 suppliers and come from the limited list of Fast Connect’s suppliers. The cheapest plans (gas and electricity) we could find for this example came from the full list of suppliers available. We are not aligned to any supplier, and do not get any commissions so our choice is completely unbiased.

**Energy Australia cost calculated using their standing offer rate as would apply to customers connecting using Fast Connect and the average consumption for a 4 person household with gas and electricity in Ballarat for one year, $5814. The Cheapest cost calculated on the best rate for the same household using Energy Umpire’s cheapest sourced plans for electricity and gas, $3484 a year.