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AGL Senior

AGL Seniors Offer

AGL say they are offering exclusive energy deals just for seniors. They say they have been around for 180 years and that is why they are offering senior card holders exclusive energy deals.

You need to be over 60 to get a Seniors Card from the Government. With that card Seniors get access to discounts on public transport. For several years the Seniors Program have had AGL as a sponsor. AGL have successfully attached their brand to the very popular Seniors program. But are Seniors getting a good deal? If not, why is a Government program promoting them.

Is the AGL Seniors Offer Cheap?

The important question: is the AGL Seniors Offer the cheapest available for electricity and gas to seniors?

Of course Seniors live in all regions of the State and have different tariff structures and may have solar or not. So we chose one of our customers that are very typical to see if the AGL Seniors Offer was a good deal.

Bill and Anne, aged 65 and 62, retired to Warrnambool. Like the majority of customers in Victoria, they are on the most common tariff structure. We had already put them and kept them on the cheapest electricity and gas provider. So we did a check. What if they switched to AGL? Well, we found that they would pay $206 more for electricity and $68 more for gas. That’s a saving of $274. Not a fortune but handy saving for a retired couple on a tight budget.

Hard to compare

To understand if AGL is giving you a good deal, Seniors would have to research the rates of all the energy companies in Victoria and compare them with what AGL is offering them. This is not an easy task: it’s time consuming and difficult. The situation is made worse by the complexity in pricing that has been allowed to flourish since privatisation and deregulation of the energy sector.

There has been criticism before by ‘the Age’ in 2015 but the Seniors Program and AGL are still at it: promoting poor deals to Victorians.

We, at Energy Umpire, keep watching what the energy companies are doing all the time to help our clients to stay on the cheapest energy rates, forever. When AGL announced “We’re a proud senior too” and said they are offering exclusive energy deals to senior card holders, we were compelled to investigate into the claim so that we can advice our seniors customers on the deal. Our findings show there are better deals available for the seniors! This shows that AGL are seniors but they are probably ‘over the hill’!

Come to Energy Umpire to find the best deals and we will ensure you pay the cheapest energy prices, all the time, guaranteed.