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These Energy Comparison Websites CAN’T make any of our promises to you.

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Our Promises to You

Cheapest Seniors Energy Guaranteed

You get the cheapest energy provider for Seniors for your usage in your area, Guaranteed.

No commissions​

We work for you, not the Energy Companies. We do not accept Commissions or Payments or Inducements of any kind from Energy Companies.​

Independent Energy Comparison Website

You get an independent Comparison of every Energy Provider and every Energy Discount for Seniors.

Cheapest Price in the Future​

We continuously check the best energy deals for you. This is critical as Energy Deals change all the time. You get an Alert when there is a new Cheapest Energy Deal.

Our Customers Say

“It’s so hard keeping up with all the changes, and Providers I haven’t heard of. Energy Umpire are on the job all the time!”

Rob Jagger

 Saving $540 a year!

“I’m on a budget, so I love the savings! I love the reassurance that I’m always getting the cheapest price."

Arun S.

 Saving $253 a year!

“I was a bit worried about switching. The savings were so good that I tried it. Energy Umpire made it so easy, I was amazed.”

Helena Brown

 Saving $250 a year!

“I was blown away by how much I could save, but the best part is that I have more time to spend on my business as Energy Umpire keep me with the Cheapest Supplier all the time”
Darcy Naunton

 Saving $15,253 a year!

Find the Cheapest Seniors Energy

Of the more than 20,000 plans in our database, we find the 50-200 that apply to your energy. We compare every last one of them and find the Cheapest. We consider Energy Discounts for Seniors. It’s Free to find out how much you can save.  

Get the Cheapest

Get details of the Best Seniors Energy Provider and Sign Up. It’s so simple and easy to do. It only takes a few minutes.

Keep the Cheapest

It’s unique to Energy Umpire. Always get the cheapest energy, even when prices change. We monitor changes in prices for you and let you know when there’s a better deal.

More information about Seniors Energy and Switching

We show that Seniors in NSW, Victoria and Qld are overpaying big time if they choose the AGL Seniors Plan. NSW Seniors would pay $450 too much, Victorian Seniors would pay $300 too much, while Queensland Seniors would pay $188 too much

We show that the Victorian Government and AGL are duping Seniors with an expensive deal. Shockingly, the Victorian Government are being paid by AGL for the offering the overpriced deal to Seniors.

AGL say they are offering exclusive energy deals just for seniors. They say they have been around for 180 years and that is why they are offering senior card holders exclusive energy deals. The truth is quite different. Instead they are offering overpriced deals.

No, Energy Australia don’t offer a discount to seniors card holders.

No, Origin Energy don’t have a Seniors Discount.

It’s dead easy to switch either online or by phone. You get details of the cheapest energy providers and simple 3 step instructions to complete your switch. 

Signing up just takes a few minutes. 

If you get a counter offer from your current supplier, we will check if it’s a good deal for you. We also check that the supplier has signed you up to the correct deal.

Our unique energy price monitor lets you know when there is a cheaper energy deal with a report showing how much you can save. You are in charge. Switch if it’s worthwhile. Most customers switch once or twice a year.

If you have a remotely read meter it is quicker to complete the switch, otherwise the switch will be completed when your meter is read.

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Compare All Suppliers. Get the Cheapest Energy Now. Get Alerts when there is a New Cheapest.