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A number customers are raising complaints about Powershop’s denial of access to some of best Powershop gas rates. This has caused confusion and frustration among potential customers, who are just seeking access to the widely listed offers.

Customers raise 2 problems with us.

  1. New customers can’t access gas standing offers (which was the best gas plan for some customers about a month ago), and
  2. New customers can’t access gas without also chosing Powershop for electricity.

The plans do not mention these restrictions so customers feel that they have been ambushed by Powershop.

Government Energy Website Shows Powershop Gas Offers as available

How can this be? Victorian Energy Compare, the Government website, lists these Powershop gas rates as available to customers without qualification.

Is this Shell, the owner of Powershop, flexing it’s muscle in the gas market? If so they could be acting in a misleading way which could be in contravention of competition law. We call on Shell and Powershop to clarify their position. Is this a policy to maximise gas for export or some sort of mistake? We would like to know as we have had to stop recommending Powershop gas plans to customers.

In the course of the last month, Powershop’s gas plans are no longer competitive, but customers should not be mislead.

Powershop’s and Shell’s Gas Reputation at Risk

The reputation of Powershop as an innovative gas provider is at risk if they do not take steps to address the concerns of their customers. The gas retail market is highly competitive, and customers have options available to them. In the recent past, Powershop and Kogan were luring customers with cheap gas. Not any more!

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