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What are Origin Energy Everyday Rewards?

Origin Everyday Rewards is a ‘special deal’ offered to Everyday Rewards Card Holders. In this article we analyse if the Origin Energy Everyday Rewards is a good deal for card holders in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and SA.

The plan has changed since it’s inception. It now offers 10,000 Everyday Rewards Points worth $50 if you switch electricity and gas from another supplier to the Origin Everyday Rewards plan. If you switch from another Origin plan, it’s only 2,500 points ($12.50) per account switched. If you are still on the same plan by 1 November and don’t live in Victoria or ACT, your electricity account will be credited with $100.

Initially the Origin Everday Rewards plan included 25% GreenPower as part of your electricity. Origin Energy offset the carbon emissions from the gas by purchasing carbon offsets. However these benefits have been withdrawn, although you can optionally add carbon offsets.

It sounds a great deal, right? The largest Supermarket teams up with the largest Energy Company. Take care, it’s wise to be suspicious about any special deal from an Energy Company as their track record is so poor.

Read our independent Review of Origin Everyday Rewards to find out if it really is a good deal or not.

How we compared the Origin Everyday Rewards Plan

In each State we used average usage figures from the Government website for a 3 person household in different towns across the States. For Victoria and NSW we show electricity and gas, while for Queensland we show electricity only as gas is less common in Qld.

We compared the Origin Woolworths deal with the best price available. If you don’t want to pay for the extras in the package, this shows how much you could save.

Origin Everyday Rewards Review

The Origin Energy Woolworths plan is an expensive way to get your electricity or gas. Over the 4 States, it costs $384 more than the cheapest price.
Even after factoring in the up to $50 worth of everyday rewards points and the $100 credit in some States, it just doesn’t stack up.

If you are looking for a green choice, be wary of carbon offsets of dubious quality and instead get the cheapest 100% GreenPower, which costs less than a Capuccino a week.

Savings by State (cheapest price comparison)

Get the Cheapest Energy

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Review of Origin Energy Everyday Rewards in Victoria

Cheapest Price Comparison

Woolworths Origin customers in 5 towns in Victoria could save $151/year more on their electricity and $411 on gas by instead choosing the cheapest provider. Overall savings average $569. Nowhere was the Origin Energy Woolworths Rewards offer the cheapest. The Everyday Rewards points which are worth up to $50 are poor compensation for the overpriced plans.

Savings ($/yr.)CarltonGeelong WestBrightonCranbourneMalvern EastAverage

Origin Everyday Rewards in NSW Review

Compared with Cheapest Price customers in NSW would save $369/year by choosing the cheapest provider rather than the Woolworths Origin Energy Plan. Gas makes up most of the savings at $208/yr although the savings in electricity are still useful at $161/yr. The Origin Everyday Rewards Plan is never the cheapest. The Everyday Rewards points which are worth up to $150 for electricity and gas are poor compensation for the overpriced plans.

Savings ($/yr.)Hamilton SouthMount DruittPort MacquarieAverage

Origin Everyday Rewards Review in Queensland

Compared with Cheapest Price Woolworths Origin customers in Southern QLD could save $362/year for their electricity by instead choosing the cheapest provider. The Origin Energy Woolworths Rewards Plan was never the cheapest.

The Everyday Rewards points which are worth up to $125 is poor compensation for the overpriced plan.

Electricity savings $/yrAnytimeTime of useAverage
Sunshine coast
(no controlled load)
(with controlled load)

Woolworths Rewards Origin Energy in South Australia

In SA, the Woolworths Rewards Origin plan in SA is overpriced by $285/year for Gas and $203/year for electricity. The Everyday Rewards points which are worth up to $150 are poor compensation for the overpriced plans.

Savings ($/yr.)AnytimeTime of useAverage

Carbon Offsets

Origin Energy offer the option to purchase Carbon offsets for the gas and/or electricity you use. The table below shows for a 3 person household by State, the average gas usage, the tons of CO2 emissions. Origin Energy claim to comply with the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard. This allows for 5 different categories of carbon offsets: Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU); Kyoto Protocol – CERs or RMUs; VERs or VCUs. We understand that Origin use ACCUs which recently traded at around $29.5/ton.

Carbon Neutral quantitiesVICNSWQLDSA
Gas Usage 3 person home (MJ/yr)66,14424,3876,88226,602
CO2 Émissions (ton/yr)3.671.350.381.48
Cost to Origin @ $29.5/ton$105$40$11$44
source: Core Markets

For comparison, a household using 5000 kWh of non-GreenPower electricity would be responsible for 4.35 tons of CO2 emissions at an offset cost of $128 pa.

If you are looking to buy offsets, the Origin offer of $1.50 per week for electricity looks to be reasonable value. For real impact and guaranteed carbon reduction we prefer GreenPower.