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Energy is a pain in the neck, right?

We all have to pay energy bills, but the hard part is keeping on top of it. Dealing with the confusion and hassle that the energy providers seem to create is a real headache. Sometimes it’s easier just to ignore it and pay up! You have better things to do with your time, right? Help is at hand.

Your Energy before Energy Umpire

The energy supplier lures you with an attractive looking offer, maybe a fat looking discount. Maybe you compare using one of the comparison services that are paid by the providers.

You breathe a sigh of relief and forget about energy for a few years. If you did well at the start, your supplier will take care of that by cranking up your prices usually over 6-12 months so that you’re paying around 20% more than you should.

How you Get the Cheapest Energy Prices Forever

You sign up to our free comparison service.  You get a free comparison once a year automatically because we get your provider to send us a duplicate of your bills. Most homes can save around $650 on average for electricity and gas.  Businesses typically save 10-30%. When you have good savings, you can join a premium plan and switch to the best energy plan for you. 

The fee for the premium plans starts at $15 for detailed advice and 3 months of price checking.

As your prices change, and as competitor prices change as they do, we make sure you are always on the best prices. We compare electricity and gas prices for you – every plan, every provider.

Let us compare electricity and gas for you and show you how much you can save. It’s free. What to know more, see here

How We Find the Cheapest Energy Prices

First, we read your bill: we get your usage, what prices you are paying and any discounts on energy or your total bill. We also estimate your usage each month by looking at your usage graph. That means we have a really accurate picture of your annual usage and annual bill.

Secondly we compare your prices with the best prices available from every single provider and every single price plan. You also need to keep abreast of when providers change the rates.

Thirdly, we tell you how much you can save. Free.