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A high solar feed-in tariff rate is certainly a good thing as it means more revenue. But our research shows that the highest feed in tariff is unlikely to be the best deal for you. Beware that the high headline rate might be for a limited volume. Make sure that you consider each electricity plan as a whole. You can try our form to get a more complete picture.


Let Energy Umpire compare solar plans for you and get you the best solar electricity plan.  We compare every available offer from every electricity company in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA and ACT and let you know how much you can save. 

Homes in Australia usually save  $200-$450/yr or 20-40%. 

Solar pricing is more complex than regular electricity pricing. Each State is different. In Victoria the Government mandate a minimum feed in tariff which most providers use, but some offer more. In other States the electricity companies are free to set their price. Many electricity companies put limits on the exports you can make and in some areas the price steps down when you export above a limit. You can compare yourself if you are really good with numbers and have half a day to spare, or otherwise let Energy Umpire do it for you, and learn how much you could save fore free.

ISelect are the market leader in comparing electricity plans but as we show in our recent article, they often don’t have the best plans because they only compare for the companies that pay them. The electricity companies don’t permit them to alert you when a cheaper price is available as we do. Our comparison tool is always checking for the best deal. You get every offer from every company compared. Companies like ISelect have very simple comparison tools which don’t cope well with the many variables involved with solar plans.

Everyone wants to get the greatest possible value out of their solar installation; feed-in tariff rates are only one piece of the puzzle.

Until a couple of years ago, feed-in tariff incentives were virtually the main determinant in the economic viability of going solar in Australia. Since then, however, solar PV system prices have fallen considerably, meaning that an investment in a solar PV system is still worthwhile, but how to best use a system has changed.

When feed-in tariffs were higher than the cost of grid electricity, it made sense for homes & businesses to try to export as much power as possible, as this would maximise savings.

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