Try getting the cheapest gas price. Go on, just try it!

Do you care about gas?

No one in the energy industry really cares about gas. Gas companies make less margin and comparison services get paid half of what they get paid for an electricity customer, at best, and usually less.

Many comparison services only get paid for gas customers when the same customer also switches for electricity. Which is not good news for you as a customer because nearly always the combined gas electricity deals are expensive compared with having separate providers. Maybe you’re not convinced, surely there’s a discount for using a single gas and electricity supplier? Let us show you that there’s not.

And if you just want gas, iSelect, for example, only compare 3 providers. It doesn’t take much figuring to see that they are the few that pay separately for gas customers.

But hang on, what about you?

You care because gas prices have moved up strongly as prices have shifted to parity with world market prices. Wholesale gas prices have increased about 3 times as a result.

Do you just want to be sold to a provider by the comparison service, while they get the maximum commission?

Can you work out the best deal yourself?

You can, if you’re numerate and prepared to put in the hours, but beware there’s some complications:

  • There are winter and summer rates, and not all providers have the same definition of winter.
  • Gas is sold in blocks.For each block of usage, the rates are different and fall as you use more.Most providers have up to 4 blocks. That means that in each month, your rate is likely to vary because your usage varies.
  • How do you find out the rates that are not visible on the bill? e.g. how do you know the winter rates when you are looking at a summer bill? How do you know the price for the second block when only the first block appears on the bill?

  • For the month of March 2017, we will help you to work out your best gas price free. Give it a try!

    If your head is spinning, we will do it for you. You find out how much you could save free and if you want to have us get you your savings there’s a small fee – $5/mo. for a contract term of 3 months for a home where savings are typically $200. Business charges range from $5-15/mo. depending on the size of your average bill.

    We can source you the cheapest electricity price too.

    Note: Whilst our pricing and plans are correct at the time of publishing this blog, it is always a good idea to check our current plans page to confirm our current offering.